Abyssal Blue

by Thoughts

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This song is about humanity's impact on the oceans of the world. I spend most of my life in the ocean and I see the problems we have created. We need to change the way we carry out our lives, or the earth will take them.

"I have covered this planet once, and I can always cover it again." ~Harrison Ford as The Ocean



I wish the ocean would just swallow me whole. I wish this story would finally get told. I refuse to contribute to all of the things that you do. What will you do when there's nothing left? When you can't go back, I hope you're full of regret. We steal and take, when it all it does is give. But it could care less who lives or what dies.

Life, will cease to exist. You will carry that burden. What will you tell your kids? "My generation killed the earth. Sorry son, I left you nothing but dirt. The ocean was once filled with life and there used to be these things called clouds in the sky. The sea was once the source of all living things, until the plague of humanity entered it's veins."

If you continue to kill the sea, then I suggest that you also kill me. I wish I could disappear beneath the waves and let the tides carry me away. I wish I could chisel the ice from all your hearts and place it back in the poles. Give it a chance to restart. I will always hate everything that you do, but since you can't help yourselves, I guess I'll try to help you.

Is this the end?
I fear that the end is near.

Now, I bet you wish you cared as the water floods your lungs and you gasp for air. Now, that there's nothing you can do. Say your goodbyes as this world turns blue.

I fear that the end is near. This is the end of our existence. These are the final years. Everyone you love, beneath the waves. The depths that created life have become your grave.


released August 27, 2015
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliot Lanam at Hidden City Studios in Santa Barbara CA.

Vocals, guitars, bass, drums tracked by Ethan Nash
Pianos tracked by Elliot Lanam



all rights reserved


Thoughts Santa Barbara, California

Just guitar and honest lyrics. And some metal shit.

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